What to do with Low Motivation

Everyone encounters times in their life when they have no motivation.
Whether it’s due to a lack of energy, stress, boredom, or something else, it can feel
awful. During these times, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself to the gym
or out on a run. However, getting a little physical activity may help you feel more
focused and purposeful.
Whenever I’m feeling like this, I start with the very basics. I put my running
shoes on. Sometimes simply getting ready to workout is the hardest part. Once you
do this, though, you’re probably not super likely to change your mind and put your
sweatpants back on.
After you prepare to workout, you should just start. Once you get going, you
might decide to push yourself harder and keep going. If you’re really having trouble
getting motivated, try going to some type of workout class, where you’ll be forced to
One more trick to motivating yourself to workout is to give yourself some
type of reward for doing it. Try to avoid food rewards, as these can sometimes be
counterproductive, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. However, promise
yourself something exciting for after you finish your workout.
Sometimes it’s just really hard to motivate yourself. However, these simple
tricks will definitely help you get moving and excited to live a healthy lifestyle.

By Fixt Blogger Emma