Tips for getting through the long run

I think that the long run is one of the most important tests for runners. Not only does it make you physically and mentally stronger, it does wonders for improving overall fitness and skill level. No matter what type of runner you are (a sprinter or a marathoner) doing some kind of long training is necessary supplementation. It doesn’t matter how many miles counts as your long one, simply doing one will be beneficial.

I like to think of my long runs as merely extra time on my legs. They don’t need to be at training pace, they don’t need to be hills training, they just need to challenge your body to push farther than it is used to. Although my long runs aren’t cardiovascularly very tough, they still require lots of willpower and mental strength. Here are some tips I use to ameliorate the long run.

  1. Run with a group

Running with a group is really helpful because it pushes you to keep going when you want to stop, along with providing entertainment. Talking to other people will take your mind off of how many miles you still have to go.

  1. Listen to music

If running with other people isn’t your thing, put in some earbuds and pump yourself up with your favorite song. Listening to music has also been proven you enhance performance, so that’s definitely a plus!

  1. Be strategic about your route

Picking a good route is a key component to making the best of your long run. Try to find a place with plenty to look at.

  1. Fuel properly

Do not attempt a long run on an empty stomach. At the same time, it would be wise to avoid eating that burrito the night before….

  1. Pace yourself

Don’t start off at a challenging pace you can’t sustain. Ease into the run before upping to pace.

The long run can be rough but it’s a great idea for gaining the upper edge on your training. These tips are sure to help you make the most of it!

By Fixt Blogger Emma