Tips for Running with a Dog

My dog Rudi has an enormous personality and infectious energy. However,
sometimes that energy can be a little too much. In order to calm him down a bit,
Rudi needs a run everyday. Since I’ve been running with Rudi for the past three
years, I have learned a lot. Here are my tips for how to have a successful run with
your dog.
1.) Run somewhere that allows your dog to be off-leash
If your dog is trained well enough, you should find a place to run where he or
she can be off-leash. This will allow you to run normally and your dog gets
some extra playtime, as well.
2.) Bring treats
You never know when your dog will need some extra bribing, so make sure
to have treats in case you need them.
3.) Use your dog to interval train
I don’t know about you, but running with Rudi is usually a stop and start
event. Whether I have to leash him or clean up after him, I’m never actually
running the whole time. I’ve learned to use this to my advantage, though. I
simply run harder between stops and make it an interval workout.
4.) Find your dog a friend
Dog runs can be social for your dog and you. Find a friend who has a dog that
gets along with yours and meet them to run. Your dogs can play together and
you don’t have to be lonely or bored.
5.) Stay alert
Staying alert is important while running at anytime, however, it’s especially
important with your dog. Make sure you know where he or she is at all times
and look for other dogs or people on the trail. You need to be in control of
your dog at all times, especially if it is off-leash. Additionally, if you like to
trail run, don’t let your dog get too far ahead of you. You never know what’s
lurking around the corner!
Having a dog as a running buddy is great! You can’t make excuses not to run
because your dog needs daily exercise (like you do). Although running with your
dog can sometimes be irritating and ineffective, these tips should help facilitate you
and your dog’s workout!

By Fixt Blogger Emma