The History of the Bolder Boulder

The Bolder Boulder is coming up and every runner near Boulder is preparing. The Bolder Boulder is a massive event, with thousands of participants, elite and amateur. In celebration of the race, this is a special blog post about the history of the Bolder Boulder.

The first Bolder Boulder occurred in 1979 and finished at North Boulder Park. With 2700 participants, Ric Rojas and Sandy Simmons took the very first victories of the race.

In the early 1980s, the Bolder Boulder saw participation rates more than double. This led the race finish to be moved to Boulder High School and then to Folsom Field, where the race still finishes today. 1983 saw the advent of the wave start, where runners were organized in waves to accommodate their paces. The race is still organized in this way, with the A Wave consisting of the fastest runners.

By 1990, participation had reached over 26,470 people. This was an important date because the Pro Wheelchair Race was introduced.

The following years witnessed growth in the race, including the introduction of the RaceDayEXPO, the Middle School Challenge, and the International Team Challenge. In 2004, the Bolder Boulder was named the largest timed 10k in the world. The race continues to grow every year as it introduces new and exciting elements and gets ever more organized and well-run.

Currently, the Bolder Boulder hosts around 55,000 runners every year. Get out there and join your fellow athletes this year at the Bolder Boulder on Monday, May 28!


By Fixt blogger Emma