How to Stay Motivated in Cold Temperatures

Motivation is hard, but it’s especially difficult in the winter. Freezing temperatures and icy conditions make staying inside with a cup of coffee much more appealing than exercising. However, if you stay active in the colder months, your body will thank you come summer. Here are some motivational tips for keeping up with your workout schedule over the winter.

  1. Make it a habit

The act of simply braving the temperatures and going for a run or some other type of exercise everyday will make staying motivated much easier. If you make exercising part of your daily routine, you are less likely to talk yourself out of it. Just put your shoes (and gloves and hat) on and go!

  1. Find some friends

Friends can keep you accountable and make exercising in cold weather more fun. Think about joining a running group or meeting a friend for a walk everyday. Plus, it’s a great way to be social and catch up with people!

  1. Do something fun

The winter can be a fantastic opportunity to try new and fun ways to get exercise. Maybe it’s time to attend that dance class you’ve always wanted to try!

  1. Get a gym membership

If the cold weather bothers you too much, it might be a good idea to invest in a gym membership. Just make sure you use it….

  1. Buy some winter workout gear

One foolproof way to get you out the door is to treat yourself to some new gear. Sometimes simply buying a new jacket is enough motivation to exercise.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to keep your fitness up during the winter. Use these tricks to help motivate yourself and keep your bikini body all year round!

By Fixt Blogger Emma