How to stay fit while on vacation

Staying fit on vacation can be really hard. Tempting food and drink, sleeping in, and an overwhelming sense of laziness make working out extra painful. Sometimes, you don’t have the resources to exercise. I recently went to Africa, where I spent the majority of my trip on boats and trains; not ideal places for keeping up my fitness level. Even though you deserve a break every once and a while, staying active on vacation will help you sustain your fitness and feel energized.

A really simple way to get some exercise on vacation is to choose somewhat active things to do. Whether that’s going for a hike, walking around a city, or doing a bike tour, you will be able to find something to get your body moving. Also, if you have some relaxation time, try to motivate yourself to go to the gym in your hotel or go for a run. From my experience, running is the best way to see a place.

If your trip is like mine and you literally can’t workout, don’t worry. I found little ways to sustain my fitness. For example, doing 50 sit-ups, squats, and push-ups the minute you get out of bed may not seem like much, but it does wonders to help keep your body toned and energized. I also found some travel-friendly workouts online. These workouts don’t require any equipment and can be done just about anywhere. If you can’t find one you like, make up your own. One day on the train, I decided I wanted to get some cardio in, so I did 30 minutes of jumping jacks with a minute of sit-ups every two minutes.

Working out is the last thing most of us want to do on vacation, however, staying fit is much easier than coming home and struggling to get back into your exercise routine. Making exercising while on vacation fun is ideal. Use it as an excuse to go see that landmark that you didn’t have time to before. Whatever you do, don’t lose your motivation to stay fit. Your body will thank you when you come home.