Why speed work is important

Running is hard enough without adding tempo workouts and fartleks. However, they are necessary for becoming a faster, stronger runner. I supplement my usual 30-40 miles a week with one or two workouts. These can be anything from intervals to hill repeats.
So, how exactly does speed work enhance your running? It’s pretty simple. Training your body to work hard over shorter periods of time will eventually cause your muscles to speed up and help you go faster over long distances. Also, adding variation to your usual runs will increase your fitness and overall strength, enabling you to run faster and longer. I noticed that by adding one to two workouts a week into my running schedule made me a faster runner after about a month of training. Now, my natural pace is 30 seconds faster than where it used to be.
Here are some speed workouts that are guaranteed to strengthen your running:

1,2,3,2,1,2,3 minutes at 5k pace
rest 1 minute in-between each set

3x 6-8 minutes at 5k pace
rest 3 minutes in-between each set

Hill Repeats:
10x 1 minute up the hill (as fast as possible)
rest by jogging back down the hill

Although these workouts are tough, they are essential for building speed. Be sure to warm up and cool down before and after the workouts in order to prevent injury.

By Fixt Blogger Emma