Does Skiing Count as a Workout?

Downhill skiing is certainly fun, but it’s hard to tell whether or not you’re getting any fitness benefits from it. There are absolutely times when you get out of breath—especially when tackling bumps or trees. However, can you substitute your usual workout routine with a ski day?

It turns out that skiing absolutely counts as a workout! You may not get a six-pack from hitting the slopes, but you do engage your abs to keeps you balanced. This helps strengthen your stomach, as well as your balance and coordination.

Another health benefit to skiing is that it helps improve your cardiovascular endurance, especially on a challenging run. Skiing can be a great cardio exercise because you are engaging in an activity that raises your heart rate at altitude. The added bonus of being at altitude will contribute to making you an overall more well-rounded athlete.

Skiing, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, is a fantastic leg workout. It works important leg muscles, such as the hamstrings and the quadriceps. Don’t be surprised if you have sore legs after a long ski day!

So there you have it. Skiing is a workout! Just be sure to enhance that workout with nutritional food and lots of water.


By Fixt Blogger Emma