When you should and shouldn’t wear a GPS watch

Like many runners, my GPS watch is my best friend. It allows me to see how
far I’ve gone, the number of steps I’ve taken, my pace, as well as many other
fantastic features that supplement my running. However, I don’t think it is a good
thing to wear your watch on every run. Sometimes it’s better not to know these
statistics. Here’s my guide for when you should and shouldn’t wear your watch.
In cross- country, my coach is very much against racing with a watch, and
some races don’t allow them at all. I can understand how it might be beneficial to
simply race to the best of your ability on a particular day, instead of constantly
worrying about what your watch says. However, when I get the opportunity to wear
my watch in a race, I do. I like being able to see exactly how far I’ve gone and what
my pace is. Otherwise, especially if it’s a particularly long race, I don’t know where I
am and I feel out of control. So, if you are like me and you want to know your
statistics in a race, absolutely run with your watch.
You should definitely wear your GPS watch while doing any type of running
workout. Workouts generally involve some form of time or distance, such as
intervals or tempo. You will often have a specific pace you should be running at, as
well. Without a watch, it would be really difficult to accurately measure your pace
and time.
You should also wear your GPS watch if you have a specific distance or pace
that you want to run and you don’t know the course or can’t feel out the pace.
Sometimes it’s easy to tell how far you’ve gone if you know the route well, however,
when running in a new place, you should wear a watch to measure distance. The
same is true for pace. I personally think it’s really difficult to feel out a certain pace,
but some people can tell roughly how fast they are going without wearing a watch.
I definitely believe that there are times when you shouldn’t wear a watch. If
you are simply going out to put miles on your legs and you don’t care about pace or
distance, don’t bother with your watch. I know a route that is exactly four miles, so I
don’t wear my watch when I run there, unless I have a goal pace. Sometimes it’s
better to just run by feel.

By Fixt blogger Emma