Normatec compression at The Recovery Lab

NormaTec boots allow you to squeeze the most benefits out of your recovery time. While static compression socks are certainly helpful after a long run, bike ride, or travel, NormaTec is a biomimetic system that pushes fluid back to the heart while causing vasodilation in all the muscle tissues being targeted. The system mimics the way your muscles naturally push blood from your extremities back to the heart when you are exercising while you are relaxing in our reclined chairs, sipping beer poured straight from the tap and watching Netflix or sports on HD TV. Studies have shown that compression in distant skeletal muscles improves microcirculation.(1,2) Compression can also promote recovery for tendonitis resulting from overuse. Mild edema, buildup of fluid, also results from overuse injuries or travel, inhibiting adequate range of movement and slows recovery. Compression therapy restores normal circulation, flushing lymph and waste products. The increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injured or fatigued area speeds recovery and has immediate tangible benefits.



Written by CU Integrative Physiology Intern Jodie Davis