December 9, 2015

Best Sports Massage in Colorado

Looking for the best sports massage in Boulder? We offer elite level sports and injury treatment massage, muscle activation techniques, and therapists with the knowledge to help you understand your body better.


*New client intro price only $49 for 1 hr massage (not applicable with Geoff or Darcie)

Massage Rates

30 min                                                     $40

60 min                                                     $75

90 min                                                     $115

Fixt Massage Memberships                   

Includes 1 monthly massage and any additional massages at member rates. Also includes Membership perks program for local and product discounts!

60 min member – $69/mo

90 min member – $105/mo

Member Massage Rates

30 min massage                                      $35

60 min massage                                      $69

90 min massage                                      $105

Fixt Elite Membership                    $247/mo

-Includes unlimited access to The Recovery Lab

-Unlimited access to 60 minute sauna sessions with shower

-1 60 minute deep tissue/sports massage each month

-Access to membership rates on any additional massages.

-Includes Membership perks program for local and product discounts!


Meet our Therapists:

Dana,  with a decade of experience performing treatment oriented massage therapy, has created a unique blend of diverse massage techniques to deliver a personalized session that fits clients needs. Using modalities such as craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, and client education, Dana is able mold individualized sessions to give optimum results.

Dana has worked closely with neurosurgeons, neurologists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, which molded her passion for healing and preventing injury. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Dana moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she worked at Harvard university, and now calls Colorado home.






Brittany completed her Massage Therapy education at Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder, CO. She is trained in Integrative Massage designed to dissolve the body armoring and holding patterns we use to protect ourselves physically and emotionally. She works with the body as a whole and uses a blend of modalities to reach a balanced state. Some of these include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, PNF stretching, and table Shiatsu therapy. Brittany is a Colorado native with a deep love of the great outdoors. She enjoys staying healthy by hiking, running, yoga and kettlebell training. Her two toddlers keep her heart and life full!








Geoff is a level 99 Massage Therapist with a black belt in both the steamroller and kung-fu grip techniques. His unique but effective style has both athletic and injured people lining up for an hour of “the good kind of pain.” Formally trained at CU for Kinesiology and BCMT for massage, this Boulder native enjoys topography, photography, and travelography. He can be lured into triathlons, pack burro races, or any unique/interesting races with the promise of cold craft beer at the finish line. He can often be spotted hiking with his two dogs, playing with kittens or tending to his backyard chickens.





Darcie is a Colorado transplant, originally from Vermont, who loves sports and fitness! She is skilled in Massage Therapy and Personal Training and specializes in Very Deep Tissue Work, Injury Prevention, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Activation, and Myofascial Release. She uses her intuition and knowledge to treat the cause of pain, not just the symptom. Darcie encourages her clients to be active in improving their movement and usually gives “homework” to activate and strengthen specific muscle groups. She will provide you with a treatment plan for future visits and she truly enjoys facilitating each of her clients’ personal goals towards wellness, empowerment, and functional movement. When she isn’t at work, you will find her trail running, hiking, camping, or playing sports.