How Many Rest Days Should You Really Be Taking?

I am definitely guilty of not resting my body enough. Sometimes I run 30 miles in a week and don’t take a day off before starting the next 30 miles. So, I did my research. Here is the truth about taking rest days.

The exact number of rest days really depends on how intense your workouts are. Simply jogging for 20 minutes a day doesn’t necessarily warrant an off day. However, everybody’s body is different, so if you feel extremely fatigued and sore, it’s probably time for a break. A good rule of thumb is to take 1-2 rest days per week.

Rest days don’t have to be completely activity-free. I love to do yoga, go for a walk, or some other less-strenuous form of movement when I’m not running. Of course, simply doing nothing is also completely acceptable for your rest day. The most important thing is that you do something that enhances recovery.

There’s not a definite number of rest days that you should take. It really depends on the individual. Ask your body. If the thought of running a single mile makes your legs scream, take the day off. Whatever you do, be sure to make the healthiest decision for your body and training program. Happy resting!

For more questions about rest and recovery, speak to a Fixt Recovery Specialist!

By Fixt Blogger Emma Steiner