Low-Impact Exercises for when You’re Hurt or Sick

I recently had minor surgery (wisdom teeth removal), so I haven’t been able
to run, do Crossfit, or any of the other fitness activities that I enjoy. Needless to say,
I’ve started to go a bit stir-crazy. As a highly active person, I don’t operate very well
when I can’t move a lot. My body simply isn’t used to sitting around. So, here are
three simple exercises that won’t bother my injury, but still make me feel healthy
and active.
1.) Walking
Walking is really great because, like running, it works the whole body.
However, it’s extremely low-impact, so virtually anyone can do it. I especially
like to walk on my treadmill, where I can easily adjust the incline and speed.
One of my favorite walking workouts is 60 minutes of alternating between 5
minutes at steep incline and 5 minutes at a fast pace.
2.) Ab Workouts
The great thing about ab workout is that most of them only target the abs, so,
if you aren’t injured in your midsection, you should be able to do them. A
great, super low-impact ab workout is simply doing leg raises, where you lie
on the floor and lift your legs up.
3.) Squats or lunges
If your legs aren’t injured, squats and lunges are really good for keeping your
lower body strong and giving you a little burn, even when you’re not feeling
so great. Combine them with some abs, and you’ve got a wonderful
strengthening and toning workout.
Even when you’re not feeling awesome, getting up and active for even just a
few minutes will make you feel so much better. Try these three simple, low-impact
exercises, and you will be one step closer to staying in shape when you can’t follow
your normal fitness routine.

By Fixt Blogger Emma