It’s getting cold… what do I wear?

Staying active in the winter can be difficult. It’s cold outside, it gets dark earlier, and there are so many delicious treats to eat around the holidays. However, come summer, your body will thank you for staying fit. It is essential that you have the right type of clothing to wear in the cold temperatures, though. It can be difficult to decide what the best clothes are for the weather, especially when you will be sweating, therefore becoming warmer. Here are a few ideas for what to wear running, walking, and skiing/snowboarding in the cold temperatures.

I always check the temperature before I run outside in the winter. However, I then fall victim to believing that it will feel like 24 degrees throughout my entire run. This is never true. As you run, your body generates a lot of heat, making you feel much warmer than the outside temperature. I often return home with three layers tied around my waist. So, I’ve had to learn and adapt. If the temperature is between 32 and 50 degrees, capri tights or shorts are the way to go. Trust me, your bare legs will warm up within the first mile. This temperature range requires a short-sleeve shirt with a jacket or sweatshirt. If the temperature is in the 20s, go for long pants and a heavier jacket. I like to wear a light down jacket on the coldest days. It is fairly breathable, but will keep you warm. If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, you’ll want to layer up. Try to purchase light layers with heat technology in order to avoid bulkiness. I run with a hat and light gloves if the temperature is below 50 degrees.

Walking is very different than running. The human body does not generate as much heat walking as it does while running. The type of clothing you should wear while walking really depends of what sort of walking you are doing. If you are going hiking in the cold, you might want to dress in lighter layers because your body will get warmer as intensity increases. However, if you are simply walking your dog, the freezing temperatures will be uncomfortable. You’ll want to wear a coat, hats, and gloves when walking in cold weather.

Skiing/snowboarding definitely require layers. Start with a good brand of long underwear or base layers. These should be followed by a sweater or sweatshirt, and perhaps another layer of pants. For example, I like to wear athletic tights over my long underwear. You’ll want to have a heavy coat, as well as thick socks and gloves or mittens. I like to wear a balaclava under my helmet (which is a must, as well). Besides those things, it’s smart to have hand and toe warmers, as it gets pretty chilly on the lifts.

By Fixt Blogger Emma