My Favorite Recovery Methods

Proper recovery is crucial to maintaining healthy muscles and joints. If you don’t take the time to nourish your body, you will increase your chances of getting injured. The Fixt Movement offers tons of recovery options. From massages to compression boots, here are my favorite recovery methods.

  1. Deep-tissue massage

Deep-tissue massages aren’t the relaxing, luxurious massages you get while on vacation. This type of massage is meant to dig into the tissue in order to loosen and break up tension. While not always comfortable, they are highly effective. For example, I have extremely tight hips, but deep-tissue massages do wonders to loosen my joints and relieve pain.

2.) Foam rolling

Like deep-tissue massages, foam rolling tears at the muscles and helps them recover faster. Foam rollers are great for at-home recovery. Ideally, athletes should foam roll quite frequently in order to maximize injury prevention.

  1. Compression boots

The Fixt Movement offers compression boots, which squeeze your legs and help improve the circulation of blood to your muscles. This speeds up recovery and makes muscles feel fresh and loose.

  1. Ice baths

Ice baths are not super comfortable, however they are wonderful for recovery. Ice baths freeze the muscle, which are then able to heal faster. Ice baths are also great for pain relief.

All of these recovery techniques are necessary for optimal physical health. They can be used interchangeably or you can focus on one or two. Whatever you prefer, The Fixt Movement can help you!

By Fixt Blogger Emma