Exercises that Tone the Whole Body

There are certain exercises that help strengthen and tone the entire body.
Not only will they contribute to building muscle definition, these exercises are
essential for heightening your performance in whatever sport you do. In order to
truly have great fitness, one needs his or her body to be well-rounded. That means
having strength and endurance in the arms, shoulders, core, and legs. Here are a few
exercises that will work the entire body.
1.) Plank
I love planks because, when done correctly, they strengthen the biceps,
shoulders, and core. I find that the elbow plank is the most effective. Simply
place your elbows or the floor and hold your body above the ground. You
should have a flat back and be squeezing in toward your core.
2.) Burpees
Burpees are awful, let’s just get that straight. However, they’re really good for
you. Burpees are not only a cardio workout, they help strengthen the muscles
in the legs and arms. Start standing, then drop to your stomach (optional
push-up here) and jump back to standing, where you’ll need to do another
jump with your hands over your heads.
3.) Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebell swings offer a bit of cardio, as well as strength training in the arms
and shoulders, core, and glutes. Pick a kettlebell that is a good weight for you,
stand with your feet about shoulder with the part, and swing the kettlebell
from hanging at your waist to above your head. This is a workout that is
easily done incorrectly. Be careful not to put all the weight of the kettlebell in
your arms. Use your hips to create enough power to get it over your head.
When you bring the kettlebell back down, keep your back flat. You should be
squeezing your glutes for added support.
These three workouts are my go-to for when I need a total body workout.
Planks, burpees, and kettlebell swings will strengthen, tone, and heighten your
overall fitness level when done consistently.

By Fixt Blogger Emma