What is the best time of day to workout?

I usually start my day with a workout, however, sometimes I just don’t have the time or the motivation to jump out of bed and go for a run. If this is the case, I do my best to exercise in the afternoon, however, as the day goes on, I find it more difficult to muster the energy to actually go do something. Because of this, I researched when the best time of day to workout is.

The answer is short and simple: whatever time of day works best for you. Some people, like me, think it’s easier to get our workouts done in the morning. Others, however, like to exercise in the afternoon or at night. My cousin once told me that he prefers to go to the gym at 9:00 p.m. I don’t know about you, but I am in bed at 9.

The time of day you workout can also be dependent on many different factors. For example, it may not be safe to run early in the morning or you may have a job for which you work nights. Whatever the case, it is important that you save a block of time in your day for exercise. Scheduling time for activity everyday will help you reach your fitness goals faster than randomly finding time to workout.

By Fixt Blogger Emma Steiner

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