Benefits of Ice Baths

I really hate taking ice baths. I think they’re painful and uncomfortable. However, ice baths are a really good idea for repairing muscles and easing fatigue.
Ice baths are meant to slow the blood flow, therefore reducing inflammation. Many professional athletes swear by ice baths because of their healing effects. Here are the benefits of ice baths:
After a difficult workout, the levels of lactic acid in the body increase, which causes muscle fatigue and underperformance. Ice baths help flush the excess levels of lactic acid from the body, leading to repaired, healthy muscles.
The ideal ice bath lasts between 10-20 minutes. Icing for too little time doesn’t do anything to reduce muscle fatigue and swelling, however, too much time in an ice bath can begin to slow the process of developing more muscle mass, especially after a weight session.
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By Fixt Blogger Emma